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Debt collection in the Republic of Belarus

Services for the collection and coverage of financial and material debts in the field of business - a current request from organizations. In the Republic of Belarus, you can order legal support to resolve a variety of difficult situations. Legal Time lawyers know how to do it correctly, competently and efficiently.

Collection problem: solution methods

Debt arises for various reasons: disruption in the supply of goods, economic complications, violations of logistics. However, in any case, the responsibility for generating the debt is the responsibility of the respective business partner. The receipt of payment under an agreement, the terms of which are violated, and more than once, is a reason to start the process of debt collection.

According to the laws of Belarus, the reason for collecting debts must be certain conditions prescribed in the contract between counterparties. The text of the contract should contain a clause describing the conditions for the return of funds, liability (penalties, fines, commissions) for late payment of the debt.

The problem is that many representatives of companies in Belarus do not always correctly interpret these situations. This negatively affects the solvency of the business, spoils the reputation of a partner or supplier. Under the law, there are specific options for the return of funds (recovery).

The cost of legal collection services is available to most interested customers.

Debt collection service fee
Debt collection From 200 USD ($)

Contact details of the specialist responsible for debt collection: Skobey Andrei Nikolaevich, lawyer, you can contact him by phone (+37529 1102388) or by e-mail (info@legaltime.by).

Legal debt collection algorithm

When contacting a recovery specialist (for example, Legal Time), the specialist will analyze the documentation, contractual terms, and all the nuances of a particular case. Work on the collection of receivables is usually carried out according to the following algorithm:

Making a claim against a debtorBefore applying to the court, it is important to make a claim against the debtor directly.

It is often possible to settle the issue without litigation if the amount does not exceed 100 base units. It is also possible to implement order production. In this case, other methods of return in the order form are applied.

Notarial supportThis is a mandatory step, especially if, according to the contract, the debt must be collected by a notary public. Without this, the court will not be able to start the case.

The notary will be engaged in the commission of the so-called executive inscription. If the notary is unwilling or unable to deal with this issue, then a written refusal should be requested for further appeal to the court, since only having such a refusal in hand can one go further to judicial structures and resolve the issue of debt.

Please note: the case of debt collection in Belarus can be difficult for the reason that for the notary in the matter of collection, the main document is not an agreement, but another document. For example, a reconciliation act signed by the debtor, other secondary documentation. There is another problem: filing a claim against the debtor regarding the forfeit and compensation for legal services.

Declareds to courtIn Belarus, there are two types of court proceedings in this respect: claims and orders.

If we are talking about an order format, then the decision of the economic court can be made without calling the disputing parties. The case is considered within 20 days, the executive signature of the notary is not considered here. In the case of a lawsuit, the consideration can be quite lengthy - up to 2 months. Usually, the conduct of a case is accompanied by a high state duty, so it is easier for the parties to reach an agreement in a pre-trial order, go for reconciliation and resolve their issues without going to court.

For a claim, the presence of a company representative in court is important. This may be a lawyer, own employee in the role of the plaintiff. If the case is simple, then it will be considered without a representative, it is enough to send a petition to the court. But then there are risks: the defendant will simply ignore the meeting, whether an effective line of defense of the plaintiff's interests will be built. If the amount of debt is serious, it is still optimal to invite a representative to the meeting, even if there is a feeling of an impeccable position.

Collection of debts of the Republic of Belarus is carried out in an arbitration / international arbitration court (for large disputes, large corporations). But in this case, the parties must agree on how they will conduct the dispute - through an arbitration agreement or an arbitration clause. If these instances work in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus and international law, then their decisions on judicial debt collection are recognized without special conditions.

Enforced debt collection РB.

After a decision is made in court, the process of collecting receivables does not end. Usually no one pays their debts voluntarily. The fundraising process can take months or years. Therefore, the interested party must constantly monitor the work of the performers. If the debtor is heavily indebted, is in a real "debt hole", then compensation of debts at the expense of his property can be considered.

Legal services for collection

Legal Time provides assistance to businesses in collecting debts in the Republic of Belarus. Experienced lawyers with high qualifications successfully implement a variety of extraordinary cases to the benefit of the plaintiff. They will help to resolve issues both in pre-trial order and through the court. All collection operations are carried out quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee of results. Any questions on the organization of collection can be sent by phone, through the website of the company Legal Time.

Debt collection is not always a simple matter when it comes to breach of business agreements. It is recommended to contact lawyers at an early stage of debt formation - receivables, payables. This will help to avoid risks and shortfalls in debts from a counterparty or partner. Often, lawyers can successfully resolve a dispute by agreeing to sign an agreement to reconcile the parties.

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