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Registration of a branch of a Belarusian company

Any large company eventually wants to open a branch in another city or region. This is influenced by good indicators of revenue, profitability and, in general, the position of the organization in the market. Any successful leader will want expansion. This will help to increase capital and conduct activities many times more efficiently, which has a positive effect on the legal entity.

There is nothing difficult in creating a legal entity, such as OJSC, LLC, CJSC, and the founders can register it as soon as possible. When opening a branch, it is also necessary to go through all the stages of the registration procedure, which are best done with legal assistance.

What you need to know before registering a branch

  1. A branch of an organization is not a separate separate legal entity, but only a subdivision of the organization by which it was created.
  2. The decision to create a separate subdivision has the right to take only the founders of the main organization. This decision is signed by all participants and the charter is subsequently changed, where all information about the created branch is entered.
  3. It is registered at a completely different address and performs either all the functions of the main legal entity, or only a part of them.
  4. The branch is not a separate legal entity and performs all actions solely on behalf of the head office.
  5. The branch operates on the charter of the main organization, separate constituent documents are not formed.
  6. When creating a branch, a legal entity has the right to transfer its property, which is subsequently indicated on the balance sheet of the branch.
  7. The head of the branch acts by proxy, which gives him authority, but does not give full independence.
  8. It is impossible for foreign legal entities to open a branch in the Republic of Belarus. To do this, it is necessary to create a subsidiary or conduct business through a representative office, which is also registered in the prescribed manner.
Service cost
Registration of a branch of a Belarusian company From 350 Euro (€)


How is the registration

First of all, the company decides to create a branch in another city or region. This decision is supported by official papers: protocol. The document is signed by the governing body. This may be a meeting of founders, a board of directors, or another body adopted when the organization was created.

Further, changes are made to the charter of the legal entity, where the clause on the creation of a branch is prescribed. After that, all this is provided to the registration authority (changes to the charter can be made electronically through the USR portal, but only if all participants are citizens of the Republic of Belarus). When providing information, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • Application for amendments and (or) additions to the charter (when submitted through the USR portal, the application is filled out immediately on the web page, otherwise the application form can be downloaded);
  • Agreement protocol;
  • Amended articles of association or protocol of amendments;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty;
  • Passport data of all founders.

The third step for the founders is the drafting and approval of the regulation on the establishment of the branch. This document is not officially registered anywhere and there are no requirements for it when compiling. But there it is imperative to indicate where the branch will be located, its name, functions, work schedule, and so on.

After that, a power of attorney is issued to the head. This is necessary to assign an employee to the position of manager in the created object. The power of attorney clearly describes the rights and obligations that must be strictly followed.

The branch must be registered within ten days with all relevant authorities: Belgosstrakh, the Social Protection Fund, tax authorities. In addition, in Belblankavyde, purchase a book of records of inspections and a book of comments and suggestions.

And the final, but not mandatory step is the creation of a bank account. To do this, you need to contact the bank with a certain list of documents, issue a card of signatures and seals. To open a separate current account, you must provide a charter, regulations on the branch and a power of attorney for the head.


Assistance with registering a branch

The decision to establish a branch must be balanced and agreed upon with all the founders of the company. It is best to consult with a lawyer who will further help with registration. After all, self-registration can lead to a lot of problems.

For professional legal advice, call +375291102388 or e-mail: info@legaltime.by.

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