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Registration of a legal entity (LLC, ZAO) in Belarus

The official status of an organization is an important factor in business activities. If you need urgent registration of a legal entity, you can turn to professionals for support. How is the registration process going, are there any nuances and peculiarities in the process of obtaining the required certificate? Specialists of the well-known law firm Legal Time will help with solving a variety of issues for a successful business.

Registration of a legal entity: features

Why is registration of legal entities and entrepreneurs important? Legalization of activities ensures the speed of registration of all contracts, transactions, deliveries, simplifies taxation issues.

Legal entity registration options:

  • unitary enterprise (UP);
  • limited liability company (LLC);
  • open joint stock company (OJSC);
  • closed joint stock company (CJSC).

Specific features of LLC registration:

  • LLC is one of the most popular forms of registration of ownership. Such an organizational and legal format is required if the business has only 1-2 partners and founders, the goal of the organization is to make a net profit. There is a limit on the maximum number of founders - 50 people (but such cases are rare).
  • The advantage of an LLC is that there is no obligation to answer for the company's debts with personal property (as in an individual entrepreneur). Accordingly, in the event of debts, everything is compensated for by corporate assets. This does not apply to situations with intentional bankruptcy, when the founders knowingly expect to cover the debt at the expense of the company.
  • Another advantage: the size of the authorized capital can be any, modest or large (within reasonable limits).
  • The cost of the service is available to everyone, in the range of 300-400 euros.
  • Persons over the age of 18, able-bodied, citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign nationals can register a company.
  • Cannot register: persons who manage other organizations at the stage of their liquidation, bankruptcy, as well as co-owners of such organizations; citizens who have incurred criminal liability for violations in the economic sector, with large credit debt, with tax violations and debts.

It is worth considering regular changes in legislation. For registration of a legal entity in Belarus, there are limitations and nuances that are important to consider. For example, not everyone can become a sole proprietorship. Against this background, various difficulties may arise. There is a specific list of works, services available only for individual entrepreneurs. How can the registration process be carried out if there is only one founder in the business, and there are no plans to issue shares, as well as the possibility? In such cases, you will need to form an LLC.

Service cost
Registration of a legal entity (LLC, CJSC) in Belarus From 350 Euro (€)

Contact person for this service: Skobey Andrey Nikolaevich, lawyer-licensee, you can contact him by phone +375291102388 or by e-mail info@legaltime.by.

How is the registration of a legal entity (LLC, CJSC)

This is an administrative process that will take place without difficulties and errors when contacting an experienced lawyer. On the legaltime.by website, you can order legal support or advice on all issues regarding the registration of a business. The specialist will prepare a package of documents, collect information about the founders for inclusion in the Unified State Register, and bring the registration to a successful turnkey result.

Stages of registration of legal entities LLC / CJSC:

  1. The founders choose the name of the future society, taking into account the uniqueness.
  2. An appeal to the registration authorities is launched: on the USR website, by mail, during a personal filing. In the latter case, the waiting time is reduced, the application is considered immediately.
  3. The address of the legal entity is selected. This should be non-residential premises, but there is no need to buy it, you can conclude a lease agreement. However, there is a question: how to conclude an agreement for an organization if it itself has not yet been registered? In this case, a letter of guarantee will help out, with a draft agreement, where the address of the future legal entity will be indicated. The address will appear everywhere, including in the charter of the LLC.
  4. A certain type of activity of the company is determined according to the OKRB 005-2011 classifier. Other types of entrepreneurial activity can be added to it in the future.
  5. The statutory fund is formed, money is paid to the balance of the organization within 12 months. But we must immediately decide on the form of the fund - money, property, securities (without third parties). The contribution in the form of property must be equal to the amount at registration, an independent assessment is needed here.
  6. A meeting of founders is held, where key issues are discussed: the foundation, registration, activities, etc. If there is only one founder, everything is decided individually.
  7. A charter is drawn up in accordance with Article 14 of the Law “On Business Companies”.
  8. An application for registration of a legal entity is filled out on a special form. You can change it up to three times.
  9. State duty is paid - a mandatory cash contribution. The payment option depends on the status of the payer: an individual can use a bank card or ERIP, a legal entity deposits money into a current account through the bank's cash desk. For the registration process, a copy and original of the receipt or a scan on the USR website are presented.
  10. A package of documents is being prepared: an application, a charter in 2 copies (+ on electronic media), a receipt for paying the fee, a copy of the passport (for citizens of the Republic of Belarus) or a translation certified by a notary with the original passport (for foreign citizens). Also, foreigners must present an extract from the commercial register of their country, its notarized translation.

The result of the registration process is the receipt of the charter of the LLC in one copy. It has a state registration mark, a tax payer identification number (UNP). The founder also receives a certificate. Registration is carried out within 5 days.

Actions of the founder after registration of LLC (CJSC)

Having received the charter of the new organization, the founders must resolve a number of other issues:

  • Purchase a unique print model (with the name, UNP, legal address of the company);
  • Organize personnel positions: appoint a responsible director, accountant, hire employees through outsourcing firms.
  • Submit documents to the tax authorities: copies of the certificate, the order on the appointment of responsible personnel and the lease agreement.
  • Choose a system of comfortable and affordable taxation. Two forms are now available: simplified and general. In the tax organization, when submitting documents, you can clarify the nuances of each option, the specialist will tell you the best choice.
  • Purchase service books, which the tax specialist will also name from the list: books of complaints and suggestions, records of inspections, etc. They are stitched, must be at hand, numbered, certified with a seal and signed by the head of the LLC.
  • Buy an electronic signature - an EDS key (flash drive, file with login and password). This is important for submitting regular reports to tax organizations without a personal visit. The EDS is issued by the Republican Certification Center. For the application, you need to collect a small package of documents: an application, a copy of the order on the appointment of a director in the LLC, a copy of the notice on the registration of the company. After registration, you need to download the key from the cloud, which is formed after receiving the EDS, and install it on your PC.
  • Open a bank account for LLC. If the account is the main one, then it must be in the national currency (Belarusian rubles). Additional accounts can be in any currency of your choice. For the account, a package of documents is also submitted to the bank: a copy of the charter (full or partial), an order for the admission of a director to a position with passport data, a card with samples of personal signatures of founders and managers and a seal.

On this, the registration process of a legal entity can be considered completed. Further, entrepreneurs can engage in the implementation of the direct goals and objectives of the new organization. Reports are regularly submitted to the tax system and the full range of business obligations is fulfilled in the context of current legislation.

Legal services for registration of legal entities in Belarus

If you need qualified legal support, please contact Legal Time. Experienced lawyers with extensive experience accompany a variety of business processes and tasks, starting from the zero stage. Registration of a legal entity in the country on a turnkey basis is carried out quickly and inexpensively, from agreeing on the name of the company to opening a current account in the selected bank.

Benefits of a law firm:

  • The turnaround time for a request is only 2-3 working days;
  • Rates are available for any budget;
  • The competence of lawyers is at the highest level, here they know all the nuances of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Quality assurance for all customers;
  • A wide range of additional services (opening mining companies, foreign accounts, collection of financial debts from partners (accounts payable, receivable), legal audit (Due Diligence), support for start-ups and venture business, adjustment of the company's working charter, etc.)
  • Support is offered for IT companies: corporate governance, legal protection, obtaining a license, etc.

If you have questions about the registration procedure, difficulties with paperwork, nuances in connection with citizenship, Legal Time will solve everything quickly and guaranteed. You can not waste time on trips to the tax authorities, on attempts to independently prepare documentation. Lawyers do all procedures without delay, according to a proven and accurate algorithm. In the shortest possible time, the customer will receive a ready-made company registration certificate, a full package of documents.

Legal Time is a reliable partner in law for all entrepreneurs in Belarus. Lawyers offer full support, control and audit of all legal aspects of the activity, help to resolve disputes and conflicts, financial issues, licensing and banking. Any form of cooperation is possible, up to the liquidation of organizations. Comprehensive legal support for business is a strong link in the work of any LLC.

The initial consultation is offered free of charge, and you can also order regular legal support.

Registration of legal entities in Belarus should be mandatory in terms of business legalization. The procedure is public, transparent, takes into account all the features of the activities of modern companies. You can deal with the registration of a legal entity on your own or entrust the issue to professionals - the legal company Legal Time.


Skobey Andrey Nikolaevich, head of the corporate law practice, you can contact him by phone +375291102388 (Telegram) or by e-mail info@legaltime.by.

For professional legal advice, call +375291102388 or e-mail: info@legaltime.by.

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