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Reorganization of a legal entity

By decision of the owner of the property of a legal entity or an authorized body, reorganization may be carried out. Also, this process sometimes initiates a court.

Forms of reorganization of commercial organizations

According to Art. 53 of the CG RB, the following ways of reorganizing a legal entity are distinguished:
1. Merge. In this case, each legal entity participating in this process stops its activities. Rights and obligations in the event of a merger of organizations are transferred to the created legal entity. face.
2. Accession. When reorganizing a company in this way, one legal face joins the second. The rights and obligations of the former pass to the latter.
3. Selection. In this case, one or more legal entities are separated from the reorganized enterprise. persons. They also have rights and obligations. The reorganized company in this case continues its activities.
4. Separation. With this method of reorganization of the organization, it stops its activities. Rights and obligations are transferred from the main enterprise to the established legal entities. persons.
5. Transformation. In this case, the form of the economic entity changes.
Any of the above methods of reorganization of enterprises must be properly executed. It is necessary to perform a fairly large number of actions and prepare documents. It is impossible to do this without the appropriate knowledge, so this process must be entrusted to professionals.

The cost of the service reorganization of a legal entity
Reorganization of a legal entity from 250 USD ($)


How to protect your rights during the reorganization of the company

As a result of the process under consideration, the composition of property, the number of participants, the size of shares, the legal form, and much more change. Changes and additions are made to the constituent documents, which may restrict the rights of participants. This may happen unintentionally or on purpose. To do this, it is important to check the rules governing:

• procedure for distribution of profits/losses;
• statutory fund and its distribution into shares;
• procedure for making decisions;
• procedure for holding general meetings;
• rights and obligations of participants;
• the procedure for providing information and more.

To avoid difficulties in the future, it is better to entrust the verification to qualified lawyers.

Reorganization of a legal entity

For reorganization, it is better to use the services of professionals. They will take care of the collection of necessary documents, permits and other things. The service for the reorganization of the enterprise includes the preparation of:

• detailed algorithm of actions;
• decisions of the founder;
• notifications to government agencies about the decision;
• notices to creditors;
• notifying employees of the decision;
• an inventory order and so on.

In addition, lawyers will reflect this process in the deed of transfer, agree on the name, prepare documents, help to make a seal and much more. Our company provides a wide range of services, including the implementation of the reorganization of legal entities.

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