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Great Stone Industrial Park: information and services

Industrial Park "Great Stone" (Eng. "Industrialpark" Great stone ") (hereinafter referred to as Park, Great Stone) was created on the basis of Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated June 05, 2012 No. 253.

This park is a special zone with a special legal regime for doing business. The area of ​​the park is 9150,1 hectares and is located 25 kilometers from the city of Minsk.

The choice of land for investment activities is made by a resident of the Park. At the same time, the resident of the Park must take into account the master plan adopted taking into account the functional zoning, as well as detailed planning plans.

Land may be provided to residents of the Park on the right of ownership or lease (sublease).

Service cost
Accompanying the entry into the Hi-Tech Park From 1500 Euro (€)


What benefits are granted to the resident of the Industrial Park "Great Stone"?

Tax incentives and exemptions on mandatory payments.

  • Income tax exemption for 10 years from the date of registration in the Park. For the next 10 years, the rate is reduced by 50%;
  •  Real estate tax exemption;
  •  Land tax exemption;
  •  VAT deduction for the purchase of goods and services, works during the construction and equipping of Park buildings;
  •  Exemption from customs duties and value-added tax (the exemption applies when importing the necessary materials, raw materials for an investment project in the absence of the possibility of acquiring them on the territory of the EAEU);
  •  The free customs zone regime (exemption from customs duties, VAT, excise taxes for the purpose of processing and further export outside the EAEU);
  •  The tax rate on income of foreign organizations will be 5% until January 01 of 2027 of the year, which do not operate through a permanent establishment, for royalties, if a fee has arisen for information of scientific and commercial experience, know-how, patent, industrial design, license, utility model, drawing, formula, diagram;
  •  Incomes of individuals prior to January 01 of 2027 of the year are subject to income tax at the rate of 9%;
  •  Insurance contributions are not accrued on part of the wages of workers, with the exception of foreign workers in case of exceeding the one-time average wage in Belarus per month.

Other important benefits related to administrative barriers.

  •  It is allowed to carry out settlements in foreign currency during the development of urban development projects, design and construction in the Park.
  •  Exemption from compensation for losses of agricultural land, forest fund lands during the construction of facilities, compensation for plant transplantation and impact on the animal world;
  •  Cancellation of payment of state duty upon receipt of a special permit for the right to engage in labor activities in the Republic of Belarus, as well as obtaining a permit for temporary residence in the Republic of Belarus of foreign citizens and stateless persons. At the same time, the period for obtaining permission may not exceed 7 calendar days;
  •  Unhindered transfer of profit (income) received from activities in the Park outside Belarus;
  •  Income tax for residents of the Park who do not operate through a permanent establishment does not apply to dividends of founders and shareholders within five years from the first calendar year in which gross profit arose.

At the time of writing this material, it is hardly possible to find another administratively defined territory in the Republic of Belarus with a preferential treatment.

Who can be a resident of the Industrial Park "Great Stone"?

Residents can be legal entities established in the Republic of Belarus with a location in the Park, as well as created or reorganized in the Park. Registration as a resident of the Park is carried out by its administration. Founders of residents Great stone can act as Belarusian individuals and legal entities, as well as foreign persons, not necessarily Chinese.

At the same time, a resident of the Great Stone may be a company whose state registration was made by other registration authorities, but subject to the transfer of its location to the park, which should be notified in the prescribed form.

What conditions must meet the investment projects for the Industrial Park "Great Stone"?

The company must meet the following conditions:

  •  The investment project should provide for the implementation of economic activity on the territory of the Park. Main areas:
    1. Pharmaceuticals
    2. electronics;
    3. fine chemistry;
    4. Machine building;
    5. biotechnology;
    6. logistics;
    7. production of new materials;
  • conducting research and experimental-technological work in these areas.
  • the amount of investment must be at least 5 (five) million US dollars, and when carrying out research and development work at least 000 (five hundred thousand) US dollars;
  • subject to investment within 3 years from the date of conclusion of the membership agreement in the Park, the amount of investment may be 500 US dollars.

What documents are submitted for registration as a resident?

To register as a resident of an industrial park, the following documents must be submitted:

  •  a statement in the form approved by the head of the Park administration;
  •  certificate of state registration (original and copy certified by the head);
  •  constituent documents (original and copy certified by the head);
  •  justification of the investment project, drawn up in any form.

Documents are accepted according to the inventory, a copy of the inventory is handed to the applicant. Documents are reviewed within 5 business days. Based on the results of the consideration of documents and a positive decision, a contract is concluded with the legal entity on the conditions of activity. The decision on the refusal must contain reasoned reasons for the refusal. However, the applicant may appeal against the refusal in court.

After the registration of the resident, the administration within one day enters the information into the register in electronic form. A certificate of registration of a resident of the Park is issued within 3 days. The administration also informs all state bodies of registration at the place of registration. However, the beginning of the residency is considered the date of conclusion of the contract on the conditions of activity, and not the date of the certificate.

Registration of residents of the Great Stone of legal entities carrying out the following activities is not allowed:

  • production and trade in illicit substances;
  • production of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • production of forms, banknotes, postage stamps;
  • lottery activity;
  • preparation and broadcasting of television and radio programs;
  • treatment of people with dangerous diseases;
  • treatment of animals with dangerous diseases.

Services and contacts.

In this direction we provide the following legal services:

  •  consultations on the issue of entering as a resident of the Great Stone Industrial Park;
  •  preparation of documents for entry;
  •  legal support of further activities as a resident of the Great Stone Industrial Park.

Contact person: Skobey Andrey Nikolaevich, partner of a law firm. You can contact him by phone (+37529 1102388) or by e-mail (info@legaltime.by).

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