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LLC registration

Registration of companies in Belarus is much easier than in many European countries. One of the most common organizational and legal forms for doing business among businessmen is LLC. The main founding document of this company is the charter. It fixes organizational issues and key provisions on the activities of a legal entity.

Who can not open a company?

There are a number of requirements for persons wishing to become founders of a business. The considered status is not granted if the founder has:

  • outstanding conviction for committing economic crimes;
  • firms in liquidation;
  • judicial ban on doing business;
  • a company liquidated in the process of bankruptcy with outstanding debt to the budget;
  • other grounds provided for by law.

What threatens the violation of the above requirements? When this fact is revealed, the state authorities file a petition with the court to invalidate the registration of the new company. Profits earned during the operation of a commercial organization will be recovered.

Both a resident of the Republic of Belarus and a non-resident have the right to register an LLC.

LLC registration fee
LLC registration From 350 Euro (€)

Contact person for this service: Skobey Andrey Nikolaevich, lawyer-licensee, you can contact him by phone +375291102388 or by e-mail info@legaltime.by.

Name approval

A unified system of registration of legal entities has been introduced in the Republic of Belarus. Names that have already been entered in the USR will not be approved. You can check the name of interest on the USR website.

The approval process takes place by submitting an application:

  • to reorgan;
  • in paper form through the post office;
  • in digital form on the USR website.

There is no charge for the service. Upon completion of the procedure, a certificate is issued. The document is valid for a calendar month.

Determining the legal address

In accordance with the law, the place of registration of the company is considered the legal address. Official inquiries from state authorities are received at this address.

As a general rule, a company can actually be located only in non-residential premises for administrative or mixed purposes. The minimum area of ​​the object should be from 4 m2. The legal and actual addresses of the LLC must match.

When choosing a temporary legal address, it is recommended to conclude a preliminary lease agreement on behalf of the founder or obtain a letter of guarantee. When agreeing to a virtual legal address, it is necessary to clarify whether the landlord has postal and secretarial services. This will avoid the numerous risks associated with non-receipt of correspondence from government agencies.

Determination from the size of the authorized capital

Companies have the right to independently determine the size of their own statutory funds. The state does not provide for minimum and maximum boundaries. The authorized capital is declared in Belarusian rubles. It is formed within 12 months from the registration of a commercial organization.

Foreign founders have the right to form the authorized capital in foreign currency. The exchange rate set by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment is applied.

Development and approval of statutory documents

The only founding document of an LLC is the charter. When developing it, the founders are obliged to be guided by the norms of the current regulatory legal acts:

  • Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Law of the Republic of Belarus "On business entities";
  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 1 dated January 16.01.2009, XNUMX.

The document is approved by the meeting of founders of the LLC or by the decision of the sole owner. The last page of the charter must be signed by all participants or one founder on their behalf.

Appointment of the head of the LLC

The head of the company can be a director or manager. He is appointed by the constituent assembly before or after the registration of the business.

Director - an employee of an LLC with whom one of the founders, authorized by the meeting, concludes an employment contract. They can be a citizen of the Republic of Belarus or a foreigner permanently residing in the territory of the state.

The manager exercises his powers on the basis of a civil law contract.

State registration of LLC

Registration of companies in Belarus takes place by submitting an application to the relevant state bodies:

  • Minsk City Executive Committee.
  • Regional Executive Committee.
  • Administration of the industrial park "Great Stone".
  • Administration of free economic zones.

To complete the procedure for registering companies in the Republic of Belarus, you must provide a complete package of documents:

  • An application in the prescribed form with the attached questionnaires of co-founders.
  • Charter in 2 copies signed in paper and digital format *.doc.
  • Receipt for payment of state duty.
  • A copy of a notarized translation of an identity card (for foreigners).
  • Extract from the trade register of the country of registration (for foreigners).
  • A copy and original of the power of attorney (for the representative of the founder).
  • A copy of the minutes of the meeting of co-founders.
  • Passport or residence permit to confirm the identity of the applicants.

This is an exhaustive list of required documents. After affixing a stamp on the charter, the company is considered registered and registered with state bodies. The electronic registration procedure is gradually gaining popularity.

Making a seal

After completing all the bureaucratic procedures, you can start making a seal. You can order a stamp in a specialized company by providing a copy of the first sheet of the charter with a mark of state registration.

Opening a bank account.

Conducting financial transactions is impossible without opening a current account in a financial institution. Currency - Belarusian rubles. If it is supposed to conduct export or import activities, it is recommended to additionally open foreign currency accounts.

Exhaustive list of documentation:

  • application;
  • a copy of the charter with a stamp on state registration;
  • leader's identity card;
  • payroll order.

The personal presence of the head of the company is required.

Registration with the tax office, the Social Security Fund, Belgosstrakh

The company is considered registered with the fiscal authorities from the moment the seal is affixed to the charter. There are a number of formalities that must be observed in order to conduct business in Belarus. LLC needs to choose a taxation system. Notification of the application of the simplified tax system is submitted within twenty days from the date of registration of the LLC. If the deadline is missed, DOS is applied.

After opening a current account, an information letter should be submitted to the Social Security Fund with information about the manager and accountant. A copy of the state registration certificate and a copy of the charter are attached to the document. A similar letter is sent to Belgosstrakh within ten days from the date of registration.

The firm must buy a book of accounting for inspections and audits and a book of comments and suggestions. An employee is appointed responsible for their maintenance.

Registration of companies in Minsk will be easier and more comfortable if you use professional legal services.

For professional legal advice, call +375291102388 or e-mail: info@legaltime.by.

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