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sample documents

Power of Attorney for registration of a legal entity

Power of attorney for registration of a legal entity in Belarus must be notarized. A power of attorney issued in a foreign country must be properly legalized, usually with an apostille affixed. Only powers of attorney issued on the territory of the Russian Federation do not require legalization. When receiving a power of attorney from a legal entity from a jurisdiction in which the notary's certifying inscription is incomplete (for example, just the signature stamp "notary Ivanov I.I." commercial register.

The decision to liquidate the company

This sample can also be used when the decision to liquidate an LLC is made by its only participant. A liquidator can be appointed as an individual with a higher education and work experience in positions of at least 3 years as a specialist. So is a legal entity in which the director and at least 2 employees meet the above requirements for an individual.

Distributor agreement between residents: option

A distribution agreement is the main agreement concluded by Belarusian business entities with entities of their distribution network. This agreement is not named in the Belarusian civil legislation and is mixed, combining the features of different named agreements: supplies, commissions, services, as well as unique features that are not inherent in any other agreements.

The statement of claim for the recovery of advance payment from the resident of the Russian Federation

How to prepare and file a statement of claim against a resident of the Russian Federation

Application for the execution of the executive inscription on the recovery of rent

Debts under lease agreements are currently collected in most cases by obtaining an executive notary letter. In order to receive this inscription, it is necessary to prepare an application for the execution of the executive inscription, as well as to comply with a number of other formalities. 

Debt recovery under the supply agreement: statement of claim

Accompanied by the collection of debt under the supply contract in the framework of legal services. Please!

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