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Liquidation of LLC

The liquidation of the activities of an LLC, as a term, denotes the legal completion of all its activities, including financial ones. The transfer of duties and rights to other persons becomes impossible. Our company provides services for the liquidation of an LLC in Minsk as soon as possible, with a guarantee of the implementation of all the tasks assigned to our specialists.

Liquidation of LLC: algorithm of actions

There are various reasons for the liquidation of an LLC. Lack of a license necessary to carry out activities, for example, a collective decision of the founders, other circumstances. In all cases, the process takes a considerable amount of time and effort, requires financial resources and certain knowledge in jurisprudence.

The cost of liquidating an LLC
Liquidation of LLC From 1000 Euro (€)


Liquidation of an LLC in Belarus step by step:

1. informing the body that carried out the registration regarding the decision to liquidate.
2. Informing interested parties: creditors, as well as debtors, etc.
3. Containing information about the liquidation of the LLC, publication in the media.
4. Conducting an inventory, calculation of personnel.
5. Work on the formation of an interim liquidation balance sheet.
6. Collection of receivables (if any).
7. Implementation of settlements with existing creditors.
8. Formation of the final liquidation balance sheet.
9. Settlement with persons who are the founders of an LLC subject to liquidation.
10. Delivery of documentation to the archive.
11. The process of exclusion of a company from the USR.
12. Closing the settlement account of LLC.

The algorithm for liquidating an LLC in the Republic of Belarus may change when new laws are adopted. This is one of the main arguments in favor of commissioning the liquidation to professional lawyers, it should be noted that it is far from the only one.

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Liquidation of LLC in Minsk

Our company provides turnkey liquidation services. We will take care of all issues. You can entrust us with the management of the liquidation process from "A" to "Z", entrust the management of one or more of its stages.

In the shortest possible time, we can draw up a plan for the liquidation of an LLC, prepare the necessary documents, submit documents to the relevant government agencies or archives, establish interaction with regulatory authorities, etc. A complete list of the services provided by the company can be found on our official website. There are also contacts for communication.

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