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Registration of JSC, registration of JSC

A joint-stock company is a commercial organization whose authorized capital is divided into shares. Shares may be ordinary and preferred. In the latter case, the shareholder accepts restrictions on participation in the management of the corporation in return for the guaranteed income on his share.

Joint-stock companies can be open and closed. Open joint-stock companies may distribute shares among an unlimited number of persons. Closed ones are obliged to give priority to existing shareholders (this feature unites such joint-stock companies with limited liability companies).

The activities of joint stock companies in the Republic of Belarus are regulated by the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Business Companies", which, along with joint stock companies, regulates the creation and activities of other forms of corporations (LLC, ODO). Here we see a difference with the legislation of the Russian Federation, where the creation of a limited liability company and joint stock companies is regulated by different laws.

The cost of the registration service (CJSC, OJSC)
Registration of legal entities From 400 Euro (€)


Advantages and disadvantages of joint stock companies.

Принимая решение по поводу регистрация ОАО, регистрация ЗАО, учредителям следует взвесить все преимущества и недостатки данной организационно-правовой формы. К преимуществам можно отнести конфиденциальность информации об учредителях (акционерах) для третьих лиц, развитую структуру корпоративного управления. Акционерные общества в рамках белорусской деловой этики пользуются высоким уровнем доверия. Потому учредители, выбирая именно эту организационно-правовую форму, гарантируют себе некоторый престиж. В последнее время ЗАО становится популярной организационно-правовой формой при создании IT стартапов.

Of course, the registration of an OJSC or the registration of a CJSC is a more costly business than the registration of commercial organizations of other forms. A joint-stock company cannot have an authorized capital of less than 100 basic units (CJSC), less than 300 basic units (LLC). The authorized capital of a joint-stock company is formed within twelve months after registration. Also, additional costs will be created by the depositary servicing of shares, their registration. However, these costs can hardly be called incredible.

Tax advantages of a joint stock company (CJSC, OJSC).

From 01.01.2021, amendments to the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus came into force, in particular to paragraph 2, clause 1.3 of Art. 329, according to which the tax rate under the simplified tax system is set at 16% for individual entrepreneurs in relation to the proceeds received by the individual entrepreneur from commercial and / or non-profit organizations, the heads of which are these individual entrepreneurs.

Thus, the tax rate for sole proprietorships (not managers) increased from 5% to 16% of gross revenue. This increase in accordance with tax law does not affect the amount of taxation for individual entrepreneurs who are directors of joint-stock companies, for which the amount of tax remained standard under the simplified tax system.

The procedure for creating a joint stock company.

Процедура «регистрация ОАО» либо «регистрация ЗАО» ничем по сути не отличается от процедуры регистрации иной коммерческой организации. Однако следует учесть некоторые нюансы, касающиеся подготовительной стадии. Во-первых, при учреждении акционерного общества следует заключать договор о создании, регламентирующий наряду с протоколом собрания учредителей распределение обязанностей по учреждению и регистрации. Во-вторых, при разработке устава следует решить, будут ли учредители упоминаться в уставе. Упоминание создаёт для них обязанность при регистрации подавать анкету учредителя.

The charter of a joint-stock company may not contain information about shareholders, I guarantee the confidentiality of this information. When submitting the questionnaire of the founder (sheet A), information about the shareholders will become publicly available and when selling shares, you will have to make changes to the charter each time.

Post-registration of a joint stock company.

Не стоит забывать про обязанность зарегистрировать акции в органе по ценным бумагам в течение двух месяцев после создания корпорации. Для этого необходимо сперва заключить договор на депозитарное обслуживание, если в штате акционерного общества отсутствует сотрудник с аттестатом по работе с ценными бумагами.

The lack of formation of the authorized capital within two months is not a reason for “non-registration” of shares. Indeed, as mentioned above, the formation of the authorized capital can take place within twelve months.

However, if there is a financial opportunity, lawyers recommend that the founders form an authorized fund immediately in order to avoid negative consequences. After all, we are all human and it often happens that the founders simply forget about this obligation soon after receiving the registration certificate.

In the rest, the post-registration of joint-stock companies is not significantly different from other commercial organizations. Joint-stock companies also choose between a general and simplified taxation system, open a bank account.

Services and contacts.

Accompanied by the registration of OJSC, registration of CJSC in Belarus. Maximum protection of the interests of the customer within the framework of Belarusian legislation. Strict observance of terms of rendering services. The cost of supporting the registration of a CJSC on a turnkey basis (before the registration of shares with a securities authority) is 400 Euros (€).

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