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legal services

Areas of practice for legal service providers differ significantly from areas of practice for lawyers. So, only lawyers can represent the interests of the subjects of the process in court. At the same time, a significant part of business issues is still being resolved by contacting persons licensed to provide legal services. This is due to the fact that the number of lawyers with experience in the field of business law is limited. In addition, not all lawyers are interested in developing extrajudicial areas of practice due to high workloads.

At the same time, licensed lawyers can provide services related to litigation, debt collection. Since often the client is enough to prepare certain documents.

In this section you will find detailed information on the area of ​​practice of legal service providers.

Benefits of legal protection for business
Experience in legal support of more than 100 limited liability companies entering the Belarusian market
More than 10 IT companies became residents of the Hi-Tech Park thanks to legal support from legaltime
Experience in creating more than 20 representative offices of foreign commercial organizations in the Republic of Belarus
Experience in pre-sale due diligence of manufacturing companies with foreign capital and IT companies
More than 50 scientific and practical publications on civil and international private law
Investment consulting, accounting services, corporate governance
the most frequent questions
Protection of interests in courts?

We represent the interests of our Clients in all courts located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, including the economic courts of Minsk and regions, general courts, the Supreme Court, the International Arbitration Court at the BelCCI, the Arbitration Commission at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange

Labor conflicts: illegal dismissal, reinstatement to work, receiving financial payments?

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Invalidation of various agreements and violations of their terms?

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Conclusion of contracts for the sale and purchase of movable and immovable property?

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Recognition of ownership and division of property?

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Family disputes, including the conclusion or termination of a marriage contract, the recovery of alimony, etc.?

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advantages of our legal services

Your benefit comes first. We do not undertake to provide legal assistance if there is no result or it does not suit you. If the desired result is impossible, difficult to achieve or unpredictable, you will know about it in advance. The main thing is that you solve your legal issue and get the desired result.

You can see the approximate cost of each legal service on the corresponding page of the site. We will agree on the total cost of a specific legal service together, based on the complexity of the tasks and all the circumstances of the case. The price should be comfortable for you.

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