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Liquidation of a private unitary enterprise

Liquidation of PUE and its features, rules for conducting

According to the norms of the current legislation, the liquidation of a PUE is carried out according to the same rules as for other business entities. However, for a quick and painless completion of the procedure, the specifics of the company's activities and a number of nuances should be taken into account. Many of the requirements for the procedure are formed taking into account who is the owner of the company's property.

For individuals

In this case, the liquidation of the PUE cannot be initiated by anyone other than the owner of the property, including the director and chief accountant. In cases where there are accounts payable, neither the owner nor the manager can act as the chairman of the liquidation commission.

For legal entities

If the owner of the property is a legal entity, the liquidation of the PUE is carried out according to other rules. The decision must be made at a general meeting of participants, or by the board of directors, if this item was spelled out in the charter of the organization. If the legal entity consists of one participant, then they will make the appropriate decision.

Liquidation of a private unitary enterprise
Liquidation of a private unitary enterprise from 750 USD ($)


The liquidation of a PUE is carried out in several stages:

  • making a decision by the founder;
  • appointment of a liquidator;
  • preparation of the necessary package of documents and submission to the relevant registration authority;
  • termination of labor relations with the team;
  • property inventory;
  • verification by the regulatory authority;
  • obtaining an extract from the register of creditors, if necessary, the sale of property and repayment of debts;
  • preparation of information on activities for the archive;
  • filing an application for exclusion from the USR.

Cases where there are accounts payable can be especially difficult. If there are enough assets to repay it, then bankruptcy proceedings should be initiated.

Benefits of a professional approach

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