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Liquidation of a private unitary enterprise

PUE (Private Unitary Enterprise) is the simplest form for organizing and running a small business on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Such a commercial organization, as a rule, is not vested with the right of ownership of the property assigned to it. It cannot be divided, distribution by contributions between employees is not allowed. In the process of carrying out daily activities, for one reason or another, it may be necessary to liquidate the PUE. If such a need arose, it is necessary to take into account a number of features and nuances. Their knowledge, as well as the ability to correctly and consistently carry out all liquidation measures required by law, will help minimize material losses.

Legislative aspect

In fact, the liquidation of a PUE implies the complete cessation of the activities of an enterprise or organization. This excludes the possibility of transferring property and other rights to other legal entities. Moreover, in order to close your company, its manager, director or founders will need to pre-pay all existing debts, both to employees and to the budget.

In accordance with the current legislation, the liquidation of a PUE in the Republic of Belarus can be carried out voluntarily, if the appropriate decision is made by the owner or founders. This procedure is provided for in the following legislative acts:

  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 1;
  • P. 4, Art. 57 of the Civil Code of the country;
  • Art. 61 of the Civil Code (due to insolvency or bankruptcy of a legal entity).
The cost of liquidating a PUE
Liquidation of a private unitary enterprise From 1000 Euro (€)


Competent approach

If an appropriate decision is made to liquidate a PUE, it is important to properly prepare for this procedure. Ignorance of a number of features of the legal procedure can lead to undesirable consequences. At the same time, turning to professionals, qualified lawyers, allows the head of the liquidated enterprise (or founders) to avoid the irreversible consequences associated with the incorrect inconsistent liquidation of the PUE. Experienced specialists working in the legal agencies of the country will help to properly understand the current situation, suggest the best ways and means of solving the existing material and financial problems.

Use the services of professionals

Contacting our legal agency Legaltime is the right decision. Each client is offered a simple, clear, transparent scheme for organizing interaction in the implementation of a set of measures to eliminate PUE in the Republic of Belarus. First of all, the agency staff examines the documents held by the client, after which they offer their assistance. The cost of the service is calculated taking into account the degree of complexity of the task facing lawyers, the level of encumbrances of the liquidated organization.

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After the conclusion of the contract, the company's lawyers carry out a full range of measures to eliminate the PUE, starting with the development of a decision and the preparation of an appropriate plan. Then the following steps are carried out sequentially:

  • a liquidation commission is convened;
  • conduct a comprehensive audit of the enterprise;
  • all current affairs are completed;
  • layoffs of employees;
  • relevant applications are submitted to the tax authority;
  • a mandatory requirement is publication in the media.

An important and obligatory requirement is timely notification (in due time) of creditors about the commencement of the liquidation procedure of a legal entity. As a rule, such an obligation is assigned to the liquidator, who is the chairman. But in some cases, the function is transferred to the appointed anti-crisis manager.

All these and other important issues are resolved by our lawyers with minimal participation of the management of the liquidated organization. The result of the work done is receiving a notification from the tax authority that the company's activities have been completed; there are no debts.

The liquidation of PUE in the Republic of Belarus is a difficult and responsible job. Entrust it to the professionals of our legal agency Legaltime. Lawyers of the highest qualification level, with extensive practical experience in their specialty, work here. All activities are carried out exclusively within the legal framework. The cost of the service is minimal, and the result is 100%!

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