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Liquidation of CJSC

The termination of the activities of any organization is a process characterized by the presence of many complexities. It is expected to spend a lot of time and effort, as well as to attract specialists with special experience in such matters.

The cost of the service for the liquidation of a CJSC
Liquidation of CJSC From 750 Euro (€)

Trying to independently carry out the entire process of liquidating a CJSC is not recommended, since there is a high risk of making mistakes that entail serious consequences for both the organization and its owner. Experts will help to do everything within the framework of the current legislation.


When a client contacts our organization to get assistance in the liquidation of a CJSC, our specialists can perform the following actions:

  1. Provide direct assistance in the preparation of a decision to terminate the company's activities, as well as the appointment of a liquidator.
  2. Prepare and collect the necessary documentation for submission to the registration authorities. This is required to make an entry about the exclusion of data about CJSC from the USR database.
  3. Send notices regarding the closure of the company to the structure related to the registering variety.
  4. Close all previously opened bank accounts in the name of a particular company.
  5. Place announcements related to the liquidation of the company, indicating its name and location.
  6. Prepare a package of documents intended for submission to the territorial archive.
  7. Provide assistance in the dismissal of employees of the liquidated enterprise. Specialists are responsible for the compliance of the actions performed with labor legislation when carrying out such an action.
  8. Provide support for inspections that are carried out by the tax service, as well as customs authorities and other state organizations during the liquidation of the enterprise.
  9. Conduct an inventory, as well as prepare interim and final liquidation balance sheets.
  10. Provide assistance in meeting the requirements set by credit institutions that are related to the fulfillment of the debt obligations of the liquidated organization.

The specialists involved in servicing a particular customer are well acquainted with the latest innovations in the current legislation, thanks to which they are ready to perform the necessary operations as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing the risk of adverse consequences for the client.

What does the liquidation of a CJSC include?

The specialists of our organization can help at all stages of the liquidation of a CJSC, such as:

  1. Notice of liquidation of CJSC of the Ministry of Justice, as well as tax and customs authorities, various funds and organizations. We are talking about the fund for social protection of the population, as well as the archive of administrative bodies, etc.
  2. Appointment of the liquidation commission. At this stage, the terms and procedure for liquidation are established, as well as the requirements of creditors, the presence or absence of receivables. A prerequisite is a written notification of creditors about the ongoing liquidation of the organization that owes them.
  3. Drawing up an interim liquidation balance sheet. If there are insufficient funds on the accounts of the liquidated enterprise to pay off the debt to creditors, then the commission takes over the conduct of auctions related to the sale of property owned by the CJSC, which ceases to operate.
  4. Payment of debts on loans. When all tax liabilities are liquidated, a new liquidation balance sheet is drawn up.
  5. Providing information to the registration authority regarding the presence or absence of arrears in payments. Documents are issued only after the full repayment of debts.
  6. Publication of information about liquidation in official sources.
  7. Providing registration authorities with certificates of state registration, as well as legal seals and notifications of the completion of business activities of a particular organization.

Our specialists are well aware that during the period of liquidation, any operations with the accounts of a CJSC being liquidated, as well as transactions that are not related to the termination of activities, are unacceptable. At the same time, the property of the company, which, after satisfying all the requests of creditors, remains intact, is transferred to the founders.


Our specialists work effectively, regardless of the reasons that provoke the termination of the activities of the CJSC. The need for liquidation may be triggered by the invalidity of registration, as well as the implementation of activities in the absence of a specialized permit or license. Another company may terminate its activities due to a systematic violation of the current legislation, as well as a decrease in the value of net assets.

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