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Bypass Western sanctions

Opening an account for intermediaries in a bank of the Republic of Belarus

At present, the geopolitical situation in the world has become more complicated. Countries impose sanctions on each other, as a result of which companies face various difficulties when they need to make a transfer, open an account or convert currency when making a transaction in an international format.

A profitable way to solve the problem is to open a Belarusian legal entity. With the help of an intermediary, it is easy to conclude foreign economic agreements that provide for the opening of accounts in one or several banks in Belarus.

Important! When registering a company in the Republic of Belarus, a natural or legal person with foreign citizenship can become the founder. The minimum number of founders is 1 person.

To receive the services of an intermediary, a foreigner must register a new organization, strictly complying with the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The company will become a resident and not a representative of foreign business. The phenomenon under consideration is explained by the following factors:

  1. A representative of a foreign enterprise cannot carry out commercial activities.
  2. A resident company promptly opens accounts in Belarusian banks without any problems. Foreign companies or their representatives may face various problems.

Based on the above materials, we can conclude that it is necessary to consider the process of registration of a Belarusian legal entity with a foreign founder. The organization will open bank accounts to act as an intermediary with foreign companies.

Advantages of cooperation with banks of the Republic of Belarus

  • Fast account opening. On average, the procedure takes up to 48 hours. In some cases, the deadline for processing documents is extended up to 168 hours.
  • Operational currency conversion at the market rate.
  • Remote account management.
  • Mobile applications and internet banking in several languages.
  • Low price of banking services in accordance with the movement of funds on the account.
  • You can cooperate with the Russian Federation, EU, USA, China and other states.

Legal and tax regulation

Consider the possibility of using a Belarusian legal entity in the process of concluding international transactions. To perform intermediary activities between a company from the Republic of Belarus with a foreign state, a commission agreement is signed. After that, the Belarusian company and the foreign representative can enter into transactions (for example, purchase / sale, supply of goods, provision of services, etc.).

By signing the commission agreement, the Principal (a representative of the international community) instructs, and the Commission agent (a legal entity from Belarus) assumes obligations to perform activities on his own behalf, but at the expense of the Principal, one or more transactions.

By signing the commission agreement, the parties may indicate other areas of activity that will be carried out on the basis of the concluded agreement.

It is important, for example, when concluding transactions for the purchase / sale of goods, in fact, the goods may not cross the territory of the Republic of Belarus, while its direct delivery from the seller to the buyer becomes possible.

Perhaps the goods will cross the border of Belarus. In this case, it is necessary to pay VAT on the import of products and customs duties.

When executing transactions under such a system, taxation is tied exclusively to the amount that a Belarusian legal entity will receive in the form of remuneration for the services of an intermediary. The company has the right to independently choose the amount of tax. It can be 6% of the total revenue or 18% of the income received.

Regarding regulation, nuances may arise. It may be necessary to ensure currency control of the transaction by state authorities. To pass the currency control, it is enough to register the signed document with the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Such registration activity can be implemented remotely. To do this, it is enough to send copies of the contract if there is an application with EDS keys.

Any transfer of funds on current accounts according to the described parameters of transactions in the field of the external economy can be performed legally after submitting data regarding financial receipts. The event is easy to complete through the banking application. There, information is transmitted on the movement of funds under contracts and the amounts that are transferred to accounts.

The main activity of our company is the provision of services to foreigners. We have vast experience in working as an intermediary for foreign organizations. Specialists are familiar with all the nuances of the preparation of related documentation. We know the features and requirements of the state for opening settlement accounts in banks of the Republic of Belarus

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