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Commodity export

Commodity export in Minsk

At this point in time, Belarusian and foreign companies are adapting to the organization of work under the conditions of the imposed sanctions, which affected the sphere of import-export and transportation of goods.

Many years of experience of our company shows that if you approach the issue of building a business correctly, you can easily carry out your commercial activities, even if other countries have introduced restrictive measures.

In such a situation, one of the main advantages for companies operating in Belarus is that the sanctions regime is mandatory only for representatives of those countries that initiated or joined them.

Based on this, it becomes clear that if a particular country has imposed sanctions against residents of the Republic of Belarus, including the imposition of a ban and (or) restriction of the rights of their companies, state structural divisions, individuals to conclude transactions with them, then as a result, liability for non-compliance with the indicated sanctions will not apply to residents of the Republic of Belarus.

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At the same time, it is important to note that a comprehensive plan was created at the state level in the Republic of Belarus, aimed at stabilizing the country's economic situation in the context of the imposed sanctions. This plan is comprehensive, it pays a lot of attention to supporting companies whose activities are to implement the import/export of goods. In practice, this will be expressed in the promotion of exports, the formation of new supply chains, and the creation of conditions for the replacement of goods and services of foreign companies.

Representatives of state structural divisions and experts in the field of jurisprudence came to the conclusion that at this point in time it seems appropriate to shift the focus to cooperation with countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, it is also proposed to make adjustments to the logistics path of the goods .

Commodity export and other nuances of doing business

The redirection of goods, their reloading, re-export through designated countries is the best option in the context of organizing successful work: the goods will be delivered to one of these countries, after which they will be transported to the Republic of Belarus. Another option is barter trading. This format is practiced by Iran, which is under sanctions.

Also, at the legislative level, an initiative is being discussed to legalize parallel imports to the Republic of Belarus with a focus on the near future.

In addition, we should not forget about alternative ways of doing business under sanctions: creating intermediate companies that are not subject to sanctions, replacing the final recipient of income and / or the final consumer, making adjustments to the information about the country where the product was produced.

It is important to note that the imposed sanctions do not impose a ban on the export of goods to the EU under contracts concluded before the imposition of sanctions, for this reason it is recommended to pay attention to the analysis of concluded contracts, perhaps one of them to establish cooperation.

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