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Subscriber legal services

Subscriber legal service is a comprehensive legal service on an ongoing basis. In Belarus, this area of ​​legal services has existed for over 10 years and has established itself as a promising B2B area.

Basically, this direction is interesting for companies, the volume of legal work in which does not exceed 40 hours per month. Finding a good lawyer at 0,25 rates, even in times of crisis, is quite difficult, and a young specialist will work accordingly.

However, by entering into a subscription service agreement with a licensed lawyer or a law firm, you save not only on mandatory payments for a full-time lawyer, but also on office space. Instead of a lawyer, you get the opportunity to give the workplace to a specialist who will directly earn money for your company. For example, a sales manager working as a percentage or a programmer, if you own an IT company, will bring companies far more benefit than a lawyer who is actually busy solving your questions for the entire 2-3 hourly.

Service cost
Subscriber legal services From 250 Euro (€)

Some companies prefer to contact lawyers or attorneys on a one-time basis. However, this is advisable only if you need legal services only a few times a year. Giving away current work, such as receivables, is much more beneficial as part of subscription service. Moreover, the Belarusian courts have recently reimbursed court costs in terms of legal services are far from being in full.

Larger companies may also benefit from legal services. Since often the only legal adviser does not cope with all the work qualitatively, which is fraught with consequences for the business. Therefore, often a part of legal work is outsourced to persons providing legal services.

Thus, the subscriber legal service has the following advantages:

  • Отсутствие в штате юриста, соответственно освобождение от уплаты взносов в ФСЗН и заработной платы работнику.
  • Не требуется предоставление рабочего места работнику.
  • К решению Вашего вопроса привлекаются юристы, имеющие обширный практический опыт.
  • Не требуется приобретать правовую базу.

As part of legal services on a subscriber basis, the following legal services are provided:

  • Обслуживание в сфере корпоративного права;
  • Правовая экспертиза сделок;
  • Анализ учредительных документов организации и приведение их в соответствие с законодательством Республики Беларусь;
  • Консультации и подготовка справок по различным вопросам связанных с коммерческой деятельностью организации;
  • Разработка договоров;
  • Представление интересов компании в отношениях с третьими лицами при проведении переговоров;
  • Ведение претензионной работы;
  • Антиколлекторская деятельность;
  • Консультации по вопросам защиты интересов субъекта хозяйствования  в суде.

We hope that this publication has helped you to deal with such a question as legal subscription services. And if not, then you can contact us individually for clarification of all your questions.


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