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Construction lawyer

After the abolition of such a procedure as licensing in the construction life of construction organizations has not become easier. The licensing was replaced by certification of construction works, and then certification of construction organizations.

Despite the fact that in the field of construction there are many technical regulatory legal acts (TNLA), available to lawyers only in part, knowledge of the procedure for passing the necessary administrative procedures arising from the pitfalls, makes obtaining permits an easier task with the participation of a qualified lawyer on issues construction.

Disputes arising in construction are also quite specific. Taking an initially incorrect legal position can be expensive for a construction company. Understanding the complexity of litigation leads to the fact that every year such alternative mechanisms as mediation and judicial conciliation are more and more applicable in this area, which not only resolve "construction disputes" more effectively, but also reduce litigation costs.

Cost of a construction lawyer
Construction lawyer negotiable price

Legal services in this area are provided in the following areas:
- Legal support for the certification of construction organizations.
- Legal support for certification of construction works.
- Assistance in obtaining a certificate of technical competence.
- Development of construction contracts.
- Legal support of investment projects in the construction sector.
- Consulting on the use of TNLA, development of LVLA in the field of construction.
- Legal support for the organization of labor protection.
- Legal support in resolving construction disputes.
- Creation of schemes for conducting a construction business with the participation of non-residents.
- Development of contracts based on FIDIC proformas.

Consultation of a construction lawyer can be obtained from our company.

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