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Corporate Governance

Running a business takes a lot of time and requires a lot of concentration. Various aspects of legislation lend themselves to analysis: financial, labor, corporate law. Sometimes the capabilities of the company's staff are not enough, because it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors related to different areas of activity. In this case, qualified legal assistance provided by legaltime.by will help.

Cost of management company services
Corporate Governance From 500 Euro (€)


Who can benefit from the services of a management organization?

1) Beginning entrepreneurs. At the start, it is difficult to delve into all aspects of doing business. We will help you develop a business plan that will take into account the main organizational issues: preparing documents, selecting products and services, purchasing equipment, training staff, etc.

2) Those who want to scale their activities. Expansion of activity is an important stage of doing business. Every entrepreneur wants to get as many customers as possible. We will conduct an audit, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company. We will determine the ways of further development, we will select effective strategies for managing the company, including taking into account the experience of competitors

3) If there is an active expansion of the business in several directions at once, we will help to systematize the documentation, provide high-quality legal and accounting assistance

4) We offer legal support for legal entities during periods of crisis, we help to overcome the difficulties associated with managing a company. The services of a management company will become indispensable in the event of bankruptcy, when the company cannot repay debts to creditors

5) We will also help foreign commercial organizations wishing to open a branch in the Republic of Belarus

The main services of the management company:

1) Legal and accounting support. Legal assistance consists in providing quality services aimed at solving the problems of the enterprise in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The accounting services of the management company are needed for the correct preparation of documentation: reporting, invoices, invoices, warrants, etc.

2) Conducting an audit. Careful study of the current state of the company in order to identify the reasons that led to the decline in its profits

3) Business valuation, which will help determine the real value of assets

4) Drawing up a business plan for the most efficient use of resources

5) Personnel policy. The management company will select the best employees with the necessary skills to work in your company

6) Control over the fulfillment of the assigned tasks

7) Representing the interests of the company in government bodies, as well as in negotiations with business partners, creditors

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The main advantages:

1) Many years of experience in providing legal and accounting assistance. The specialists of the management company will help in overcoming the most difficult obstacles that may arise in business: bankruptcy, problems with management, law, tax, etc.

2) We guarantee the high-quality provision of services by the management company, in accordance with the legislation of the country. Each signed contract is carefully checked for compliance with the requirements

3) Low price. The cost of services of the managing organization is lower than if you take management into the company's staff

4) The use of modern business methods, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time

5) Operational support. The managing organization coordinates its actions with the owner of the company, informs him of the decisions made

6) Client centricity. All efforts are aimed at solving the customer's problem

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