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LLC reorganization

The reorganization of an LLC in the Republic of Belarus may be required for various reasons. The most common are the expansion of the business, its division between the owners and the creation of a new organizational structure. Often, for economic reasons, the reorganization of an LLC is more profitable than liquidation. It means a process that requires a professional approach and legal experience, so it is better to entrust its support to specialists.

The cost of the service reorganization of a legal entity
LLC reorganization from 250 USD ($)


LLC reorganization service in Minsk

In the event that the reorganization of an LLC is required, it is better to seek qualified legal assistance. Professionals are ready to offer you the following:

  • legal advice;
  • preparation of documentation;
  • assistance in state registration.

In addition, if necessary, you can use other legal services.

LLC reorganization forms

There are several ways to reorganize a limited liability company:

1. Transformation. In this case, there is a change in the organizational and legal form. Most often, an LLC is transferred to a PUE or ALC. In most cases, the reason for reorganization through transformation is the need to change the participants in the society.

2. Merger and accession. This method is used when it is required to merge 2 or more legal entities. In this case, the LLC combines capital, optimizes accounting and minimizes costs.

3. Separation and selection. Using this method, you can turn one LLC into several independent organizations. Capital is shared, accounting is optimized and costs are minimized.
Regardless of the form of reorganization, it is better to entrust this process to qualified lawyers.

Documentation for the reorganization of LLC

Before proceeding with the reorganization, it is necessary to prepare a number of documents:

  • a copy of the certificate of state registration and copies of constituent documents;
  • information on the size of the authorized capital, indicating the shares;
  • copies of national passports of the director, current and potential founders of the LLC;
  • information about the type of activity, credentials and bank accounts.

The rest of the documents will be prepared by professionals.

Important points in the reorganization of an LLC

When reorganizing an LLC, participants must prepare the procedure for this procedure. Before the process begins, a meeting is held at which they choose the appropriate form: merger, transformation, or another. When reorganizing, it is important first of all to notify creditors and government agencies, the tax authority and others.

Please note that the name of the LLC being reorganized is agreed upon with the registration authority. The last step in this procedure is the renewal of bank accounts. During the reorganization of a limited liability company, a new charter is formed, the seal is destroyed and a new one is made.

Competent lawyers know about all of the above subtleties. It is they who will be able to reorganize the LLC as soon as possible, having done everything right.

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